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Most Effective Social Media Platforms for Real Estate Marketing

Real estate agents are in constant need to widen their networks and there is no better and easier way to do this than utilizing social media platforms. Although they should never forget building real in-person relationships with the people in their locality, reaching a broader scope of audience presents more opportunities to grow their real estate business.

In this digital world where people spend a lot of their time online browsing through social media sites, it is a no-brainer that real estate agents would take this opportunity to reach their target audience. Afterall, you have to be where your prospects are.

Here are the best Social Media Platforms to use to market your Real Estate Business

1. Facebook

Facebook has to be the first thing that comes to mind when we speak of social media sites and it’s no wonder! Facebook has around 2 billion users and continuous to be the most used social media network in the world. Using Facebook, you can create a page for your real estate business, publish posts, join groups, and interact with potential customers. You can also modify your posts so that they reach only your qualified audience. There is also an option to create Facebook leads ads that let you collect contact information from interested prospects. You can use Facebook to post listings and property video walk-throughs, share updates on the real estate market, communicate and build relationships with your clients.

2. Instagram

Instagram lets you post photos. This feature can easily attract the attention of your audience. Posting aesthetically pleasing images of your property listings can be the primary use of Instagram for real estate agents. This can help your audience imagine and take a feel of the properties. Instagram also lets you target your audience. It also allows carousel ads and uses hashtags which is a good way to draw more people to your business. You can use Instagram to post high quality property photos and share them to your stories or post 15-second videos detailing these listings. You can also post testimonials, success stories, and reviews.

3. YouTube

YouTube lets you upload lengthy videos. You can take advantage of this by posting tours on properties in your listings. You can take your time convincing people about the good qualities of the properties and their accessible locations. You can also upload educational videos like interviews, Q and As, or real estate market updates or create video advertisements which will be shown to people before, in the middle of, or after the videos they intend to watch. You should also optimize your titles and descriptions using useful keywords so that your videos show up as google results during industry-related searches.

4. LinkedIn

You can broaden your network using LinkedIn where you can get the chance to connect with like-minded professionals and people from the same industry like mortgage brokers and lenders. LinkedIn is perfect for Real estate agents as its users, in average, are aged between 30 to 49 which are ages of people who are most likely interested in purchasing a house or property. You can also use LinkedIn to get recommendations from your past clients as a way of generating leads or post success stories and testimonials to establish your credibility and build a positive perception of your business. Use LinkedIn to actively post about your offers and share valuable content and to also get involved in discussions and create connections with prospects.

5. TikTok

Tiktok presents a genuine chance to get discovered by a wider audience through its “For You” page. Posting 30-second videos of property tours will help give your audience an idea of how the properties look like. You can also post videos detailing what you do and the services you offer as well as educational information like tips or guides on homebuying, selling or investing in real estate. Use TikTok to post regularly, ride on trends, and engage with your audience to boost brand recognition.

Aside from those listed above, some other platforms to use in marketing your real estate business are Pinterest and Twitter. It is important to take advantage of social media as a way of broadening your network and improving your brand awareness but knowing what to use is one thing, understanding how to effectively use them is another. You can learn more on how to use Social Media Sites in your Marketing campaign by exploring and using them first-hand.


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