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Lead Generation Strategies for Real Estate

The real estate industry is a competitive environment and agents are constantly on the look out for fresh ideas to incorporate in their marketing strategy.

Sustaining a real estate business may prove to be a challenge if a business owner fails to device new tactics to generate leads as the old ones may not exactly work anymore.

Lead generation doesn’t just stop after collecting information from prospects who might be interested to buy, sell, invest in properties or find out what you do as a real estate agent. It extends to nurturing these leads to turn them into paying customers.

Having a lead generation strategy is important as a steady flow of leads will keep your real estate business running and will most likely improve your profit.

Here are a few of Lead generation strategies you should incorporate in your real estate business.

1. Utilize and be active on social media

Social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are great places to stay updated on local real estate trends, connect with like-minded professionals, and meet prospective clients. Facebook allow you to target prospects through customizing who can see your ads based on their location and demographics. Instagram can also attract a lot of traffic for you and help you stay active and relevant. Additionally, social media can increase clicks to your website and can be used to create lead generation ads where users can submit their contact information.

2. Engage with your subscribed leads

Once you gather contact information like emails from social media or website sign ups, you should nurture your leads to avoid losing them and develop your relationship with them to potentially turn them into paying customers. One good example is to send your leads real estate reading materials like newsletters about new listings, insights on interest and mortgage rates and updates on the property market through email. It could also be blogs about your industry and useful information about real estate and upcoming events.

3. Create a Video Marketing Strategy

Videos are proven to be more attention-grabbing than any form of content. Utilizing a video marketing strategy will easily attract your prospects and increase the possibility of them turning to your website and spending more time in there. You can choose from a variety of topics for your videos like reviews, client interviews, agent profiles, Q and As, and most importantly tours on properties and listing videos to showcase the best qualities of properties in your listings that will surely capture the interest of your prospects.

4. Engage in your local community

The more people know you and what you do, the more likely they would want to use your services. Attending local events in your community like charity events, local concerts or even yoga workshops can get you a high chance of meeting prospects that might be interested in your service. You can also initiate events by hosting open houses to meet qualified leads. Always be ready with your business card to give out to people in case they happen to know someone who might be needing your expert real estate service or advice.

5. Build partnerships

Building partnerships with people in the same industry but are not your direct competition is also a great way to collect referrals. This partnership may also be beneficial to both parties. You can partner up with bankers, mortgage lenders, insurance companies, investors, financial planners, accountants, or even contractors that will refer you to people who might need your real estate services. This is a passive way of generating leads. Other than this, you can also co-host local events and partner with local circles.

These are only a few of strategies you can use in your real estate business to attract more leads. Lead generation will need a lot of your patience as results will not automatically be conspicuous. It will also need a lot of persistence and determination for you to arrive at your desired result. You can follow these examples or find a team of experts who can generate leads for you. Either way, the goal is to ensure sustainability for your business.


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