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How-To: Video Ads for Real Estate

Creating advertisements for your real estate business across different platforms helps increase your visibility and brand awareness. This then results to a high possibility of getting more sales leads and eventually improve profit and grow your business.

Video Ads, unlike other forms of advertisements, are less popular because making it takes a lot of time, planning, and preparation but nevertheless, it still proves to be a very effective form of ad.

Using video ads can help you easily get your audience’s attention and effectively put your name ‘out there’, increasing your visibility and brand awareness. It’s especially effective for real estate businesses because a video ad does not just attract home buyers to your listing but it also convinces sellers that they have a better chance of selling their property if they are to use your services. Your video ad will help you showcase properties effectively, connect to your prospects, and get ahead of your competition.

Here are some few tips on creating your real estate video ad:

1. Create a story board.

Before jumping into shooting your video, it is important that you create a story board that will serve as your guide throughout the video-making process. It is also important to establish your message or goal first and tailor your story board to achieve that goal. Your story board would include angles and locations as well as the story-telling sequence. Forgetting about this may result to your videos being all over the place.

2. Create a script.

Aside from a story board, you also need a script. Your goal is to persuade your audience so you need a strong and effective script highlighting what you can offer and detailing descriptions about the property. You should start with an engaging introduction that would also rouse the curiosity of your viewers. You can include narratives, testimonials or advice as you see fit for the video to be more appealing.

3. Highlight Unique Qualities

In choosing your angles, make sure you spend a lot of time highlighting the property’s unique qualities. It may be an intriguing history, special areas or amenities, or features you don’t usually see in other properties. Doing so will pique the interest of home buyers and showcase your ability to pinpoint unique selling points that may attract home sellers to avail your services.

4. Keep it short and concise.

Your audience will probably not spend their time watching 5-minute long videos. You should be able to tell your story and show the key features of the property in a short compacted video lasting 70 – 90 seconds. Most people have short attention span, take this into consideration when creating your video script and story board.

5. Show the local area.

Aside from the interior and exterior facade of the property, people will also want to know more about the neighborhood where it is located. Accessibility to schools, shopping centers, and public transport are important considerations for home buyers. They would also like to know about security, crime rate, and landmarks so make sure you also include a brief portion detailing these characteristics in the video.

6. Include strong call-to-action.

You should never forget to incorporate a strong call-to-action to your video ad that will prompt your viewers to take the next action that will convert them into leads or sales. Never forget to include important details of your business like your contact number, website, or email address where prospects can reach you and learn more about your business. You can also include clickable links that will bring your prospects to your landing page. If you can’t squeeze all these in your video, you can just add it to your ad copy. Your CTA will guide your interested viewers to proceed to the next step.

These few tips will help you in creating an effective and appealing video ad that will attract both home buyers and sellers into your business. Keep in mind that a clear goal will serve as a foundation and basis of the whole process so you would need to establish that before anything else. Making a video ad is only one of the many effective marketing techniques you can use to boost your real estate business. You can always consult and employ marketing services that will create effective video ads or more for you.


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