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Zen Financial

Zen Financial is a local mortgage broking business that offers the best time saving advice and makes doing finances simple. They are focussed on getting better outcomes for their customers, rather than the banks.
They fight to find and negotiate the best product suitable for the specific
needs of their clients.


Online Education Courses

Marketing Platform

Facebook Ads, Click Funnels & Active Campaign Email Marketing


  • Zen Financial is a new mortgage broking business. They were trying to establish their brand and attract leads who were interested in financing their first home or refinancing their existing mortgage for a better rate and offer.
  • Client had their sales process established very well. A new lead would follow a clear path to an intro call, initial consultation, and evaluation.


Generated leads and traffic

  • Used the client’s Ebook as a lead magnet.
  • Also used attractive mortgage rates and cash back offers given by several lenders.
  • Targeted an audience that was interested in buying a property or refinancing an existing mortgage.
  • Placed eye-catching ads with an irresistible offer to attract the target audience. Used educational videos, available mortgage rates, and cashback offers to supplement.
  • Multiple split testing of campaigns using ad graphics, videos, and ad copy that resonated with the target audience. Optimised the winning ads and scaled them up.

Remarketing and follow up system for warm leads

  • Detailed tracking and analysis to optimise for lead generation.
  • Used Facebook Pixel to collect leads and remarket them.
  • Created an email marketing follow up system to follow up with leads and deliver even more value. This made the borrowers believe in the professionalism of the company, which led to more personal consultations and eventual sales.

In-depth Ads management

  • Created audiences using custom and lookalike audiences of website and page visitors.
  • Targeted people based on their affinity interests and online buying behaviour.
  • Attribution analysis and ongoing ads optimisation at all 3 levels: TOFU, MOFU and BOFU


Page likes




Cost per lead


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