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Australia Learning Institute RTO 41429

Australia Learning Institute is an RTO that provides nationally recognized diploma-level
raining and education. They aim to ensure that their students are skilled with modern industry standard knowledge to help them get their dream job. They specialize in skills-based training for Australian local students.


Online Education Courses

Marketing Platform

Facebook Ads, Click Funnels & Active Campaign Email Marketing


  • Client offered several skill based training courses to Australian local students. These courses range from Certificate III to Diploma in business, leadership, administration, and community services.
  • They wanted us to help them promote these courses, their new traineeship courses, and fee-free Skilling For Recovery training which was promoted by NSW Health.
  • Their goal was to create awareness amongst local students for their new programs using the most active social media platforms: Facebook and Instagram.


Attention grabbing creatives and ad copy

  • Targeted a wide audience interested in business, community services, and career building.
  • Created eye-catching ads with an irresistible offer to attract the target
    audience using offers and social proof.
  • Performed multiple split testing of campaigns using ad graphics,videos, and ad copy that resonated with the target audience. Optimized the winning ads and scaled them up.

Remarketing and follow up system for warm leads

  • Detailed tracking and analysis.
  • Used a Funnel to collect leads and remarket the paid course using a follow up system.
  • Email and SMS marketing follow up system to continue to follow up with leads and establish the brand as an authority in the field. This made the students believe in the product which led to more purchases and course subscriptions.

In-depth Ads management

  • Created audiences using custom and lookalike audiences.
  • Targeted people based on their affinity interests and online buying behaviour.
  • Attribution analysis and ongoing ad optimisation at all 3 levels: TOFU, MOFU and BOFU


Page likes


Website Traffic


Potential Sale Value




Cost per lead


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